The International Oriental Dance Festival in Estonia has taken place since 2003 and is the oldest and largest Oriental dance event in Estonia. The festival features dance workshops, a competition, a gala show, open stage performances and an Oriental Bazaar. The festival has also featured panel discussions, film screenings and fashion shows. The event brings together dancers from every corner of Estonia, as well as the neighbouring countries and further places around the world.


XIV International Oriental Dance Festival 2020 

Dear festival friends!

We have both sad and happy news. The sad news is that the festival on 21-22 and the beginners' autumn concert have been cancelled. Given the growing spread of the COVID-19 virus and the risks involved in organising major events, the festival team decided not to bring large crowds together in November. The good news is that the festival will take place in a slightly different and much safer form in December - on the web!

The online festival's website is:

Although the beginners' concert, oriental bazaar, film screening and free-stage concerts unfortunately do not take place, both the gala show and some of the dance workshops will be available online. Both workshops and the gala show can be viewed online from 21 December 2020 to 31 January 2021. After purchasing online access, videos can be viewed for 7 days. The prices of workshops and gala show web tickets will remain the same as previous tickets to the live events. Those who have already purchased tickets, will receive an individual one-time code via e-mail, which will allow them to access the desired workshop or gala show online. All ticket holders will be contacted.

We will announce the web link of the online festival on the website and on social media.

Dance workshops

Unfortunately, not all workshops can be made available online. Therefore, we will only make some of the workshops in the festival programme available online. If a previously purchased workshop happens to be one that we do not make available online, it is possible to exchange it for another (online) course, or ask for a refund. Everyone who has purchased tickets will be contacted.

Gala Show

Instead of bringing the performers and the audience in one room for one night, the performances will be joined into an audiovisual whole that can be viewed on your home screen anywhere in the world. Anyone who has purchased a ticket for the gala show will have the opportunity to watch the show with an individual one-time code online or ask for a refund. Everyone who has purchased a ticket will be contacted.

Preparing for the festival and adapting to ever-changing circumstances has been a difficult and challenging job for the organisers. We apologise for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding and support. We are ready to refund all tickets, however we ask everyone to use the tickets to participate in the online festival. This will support the months of effort made by the organisers, teachers and performers in preparing for the festival and will give you the opportunity to support the festival tradition.

Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance