About Us

Bellydance is awesome and we want everyone to know it!

The Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance (EITK) was founded in 2017 by eight dancers, friends and oriental dance fans for their great love for this form of dance, also known as belly dancing. 

As back then, we still don't know what the future will bring. But we have been sure from the start - bellydance is awesome and we want everyone to know it!



In October 2016, Estonia celebrated the anniversary of Pille Roosi – one of Estonia’s best known dance teachers and choreographers, as well as the 20th anniversary of oriental dance in Estonia. 

Pille Roosi’s life’s work has been introducing oriental dance or belly dance into the Estonian dance field. She was the first to start teaching oriental dance in Estonia in 1996. The majority of Estonian belly dancers have learned under her guidance. Pille Roosi is the initiator and had been the main organiser of the International Oriental Dance Festival in Estonia. 

Shortly after the jubilee concert, Pille handed over her former work with organising the International Oriental Dance Festival in Estonia and the annual concert of Estonian oriental dance enthusiasts, to her students and main organisers of the jubilee concert. For this purpose this group of dancers and friends founded the Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance in January 2017.

The mission of the EITK is to promote the art of Oriental Dance and Oriental Dance education.

Board Members in 2020-2023:

Kairi Reinvee
Kirsi Mari Lepik
Sandra Vokk

Founding Members of the Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance:  

Iris Frolov 

Iris Frolov has been practicing oriental dance since 1996 as a student of Pille Roosi, and started her dance career in 1999 as a member and co-founder of Zahira, Estonia's first professional belly dance troupe. Iris has been teaching belly dancing since 1998 in Tallinn, teaching courses all over Estonia, Latvia and abroad. She has been a member of the organizing team of the International Oriental Dance Festival since its early days and is one of the Festival's most popular teachers. From 2007 to 2013, Iris continued her dance work in the Arab countries (United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, India) for six years. During her dance work trips, Iris has had the opportunity to learn a lot about culture and society, about music and dancing in various Arab countries. Through dance, Iris became involved in the Pilates training method and is a certified Pilates teacher.

Kaidi Udris

Kaidi's dance career began at age 6 in the Estonian folk dance ensemble Sõleke.  She began studying belly dancing in 1999 and is now a renown performer and teacher in Estonia. She has been invited to teach across Europe, including Latvia, Finland, Italy, Greece, Israel, Czech Republic. After dancing Oriental dance for 14 years in Europe, she decided to move to Egypt and had a successful dance career for 6 years in the Cairo Opera House, in the folklore-inspired contemporary dance company „Forsan El Shark“. Kaidi has also featured as a dancer in Arab pop music videos and dance productions for Egyptian TV-ads and TV-series. Kaidi has a Bachelor's degree in choreography from Tallinn University's Faculty of Choreography

Kairi Reinvee

Kairi began her belly dancing studies in 2005 under Liina Remmelg. On a day-to-day basis, Kairi supervises Oriental dance groups all over Estonia. Kairi has been an Oriental dance guest teacher in Hong Kong in the summer of 2016 and given workshops across Europe (Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland). In 2011/12 she toured Europe with the Amaya Dance Company giving concert performances in metropolitan theatres. Kairi is an active solo artist. She has gained a lot of troupe experience and different projects through the Estonian professional dance group Zahira, with whom she started cooperating in 2008. In spring 2015, she graduated from the Tallinn University Institute of Arts specialising in choreography. 

Kati Pruel (Jamila)

Jamila has been dancing since 1995, when she started to study Indian classical dance. She also practises flamenco and belly dancing. In 2010, she was the first in Estonia to launch regular Bollywood dance classes. Extensive stage experience has transformed her into an expressive artist and choreographer under whose guidance it is comfortable to begin learning to dance and to discover new elements as a more experienced dancer.

Kirsi Mari Lepik (Kalila)

Kalila has a versatile dance background, she began dancing already at the age of 3. Her belly dancing studies began at 2005 under the guidance of Liina Remmelg. She has won several awards at belly dance competitions both in Estonia and abroad. Kalila is a performer in the Zahira Dance Troupe and has been conducting belly dance classes since 2010 at Zahira Dance Studio. She is a valued guest teacher both in Estonia and abroad. She has a Master's degree in choreography from Tallinn University. 

Maarika Merirand (Safran)

Ruth Maria Roosi-Ott

Sandra Vokk (Eeben) 

Eeben has been practising Oriental Dance since 2003, when an encounter with Arabic music took her to her first belly dance class by Pille Roosi. Since then dance has been an inseparable part of her life. As a multi-awarded artist and choreographer, Eeben has performed around Europe and the Middle East. As a dance teacher she conducts workshops and courses, organises dance events, and promotes Oriental Dance related educational materials. Eeben received her BA degree in Near Eastern and Asian Studies in 2010 from The Estonian Institue of Humanities at Tallinn University, and an MSc in Social Anthropology in 2012 from the University of Oxford. She has taught classes on Near Eastern Solo Improvisation and Oriental Dance Studies at the Faculty of Choreography at Tallinn University.