Belly Dancer Ranya, 2018. Oksana Goncharuk
1) PHYSICAL EXERCISE. Oriental dance exercises all the bigger and the smallest muscle groups. It is a great general physical training that tones the whole body. A more intense workout also develops physical resilience.

2) A RELAXED AND FLEXIBLE BODY. Oriental dance makes the joints, especially the hips, more mobile and the back more flexible. As a result of regular dancing, the way you sense and carry your body improve not only in your dancing, but also in everyday life - when walking, standing and sitting. Stronger contact with your body helps to create a friendlier and more accepting attitude towards it.

3) IMPROVED BALANCE AND COORDINATION. Oriental dance is characterized by the articulated and isolated movements of various parts of the body. Regular dancing helps the body and the brain to integrate these movements that are significantly different and more complex than everyday living, resulting in improved balance and coordination.

4) IMPROVED SENSE OF RHYTHM. The rhythms of Oriental dance are very diverse and the dance practicioner learns to translate the music and rhythms into movements. In addition to coordination, this develops musical listening, rhythmic sense and the ability to focus.

5) IMPROVED SELF-CONFIDENCE. Oriental dance teaches to recognize and value both your inner and outer beauty, to admire and express it. The movements of Oriental dance develop the body's plasticity, making it more supple and graceful. Already a short-term workout makes the body more open, softer and more confident.

6) PERFORMING SKILLS. Next to improved self-confidence, your fear of being in the centre of attention will decrease and your courage and ability to perform in public, express yourself freely and communicate with the audience, will increase. This also contributes to improved performance in other fields that require gaining and maintaining your audience's attention.

7) COGNITIVE ABILITIES. Learning dance technique, combinations and choreographies exercises not only the body but also the mind. Practicing and memorizing the combinations will train, among other things, those parts of the brain that are related to memory. Regular dance training at least once a week thus increases brain performance.

8) CREATIVITY. Because Oriental dance is improvisational in nature, the dance also enhances creativity. Even basic combinations can be creatively combined and personal elements can be added to enable the dancer to discover and develop their personality and creativity during each dance training.

9) STRONGER CONTACT WITH YOUR FEMININITY. Belly dance is very feminine in its nature and way of expression. The dance is sometimes expressed elegantly and gracefully, sometimes explosively and electrically, but always sincerely full of joy for life, different feelings, passion and playfulness. Belly dancers often emit sensuality and femininity without having to move their fingers.