Mustapha, also known as the Oriental Dance artist Zomzom, is a talented choreographer schooled in theater and dance in Casablanca, Morocco, after mastering the art of Modern Jazz. He is an expert in Arab folklore covering local folklore of Egypt, Morocco, and the wider Middle East. His knowledge of and insight in Arabic folklore and studies of Oriental Dance and Theater, combined with his expertise in Modern Jazz, gives him skills and competence few can match. This has made him a popular dance instructor and performer not only in France where he resides, but all over the world, where he is known for his teaching methods. He has performed in many international shows and festivals, enriching the shows everywhere with his love and humor, touring not only Europe, but also the US, Morocco, Colombia, Kuwait, China, Korea, Lebanon and Egypt.

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Street Shaabi (mahraganat) – Street Shaaby or mahraganat is the latest trend in the Egyptian music world. Under Zomzom’s charismatic and fun guidance, you will learn in this workshop the history, technique, the right street-attitude and a choreography of the mahraganat style. Suitable for all levels!

Classic tarab The term tarab refers to a certain “enchantment” in Middle Eastern music. It is an aesthetic quality of the music causing enjoyment and communication of emotion between performers and their audiences. A dancer can also reach the state of tarab when dancing to a piece of music and share this mutual enjoyment with the audience. In this workshop you will learn more about connecting emotionally with the music and channeling these pleasurable emotions to your dance. You will also learn a choreography inspired by the enchanted state of Tarab. Suitable for all levels!

Moroccan folklore – Zomzom is an expert in Arab folklore and is an expert especially in the folkloric dances in his country of origin, Morocco. In this workshop, Zomzom introduces you to Moroccan folklore, teaching the history, technique and a choreography. Suitable for all levels!