Vera Vojchenko

Vera Vojchenko is an award winning Oriental dance artist, having shined in many international Oriental dance competitions and festivals. In Belarus she has been nominated champion in the following categories of Oriental Dance: Show, Improvisation, Oriental. She has won the silver medal from the International Festival of Egyptian folklore, and has won the festival “Al Hayat” (Kiev) 2017, Iraqi dance festival “Inanna” 2018 (Estonia), the International Oriental Dance Festival 2018 (Estonia) and the “Layali Festival” (Sweden). She is head of the Oriental Dance Studio “Sapphire” in Riga and is a certified teacher of the Belarusian League of Dance.

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Baladi – In this workshop you will practise the traditional baladi – the Egyptian women’s improvisational solo dance – section by section, and prepare to be able to improvise to baladi music yourself in the future!