Friday, 2nd November 2018
17:00-18:30 Celebrate the Joyfulness of the Fat Mari Mägi All levels, 10€
19:00-21:00 Competition, 10/15€
Saturday, 3rd November 2018
10:00-12:00 Neo-Andalusian Nesma Choreography Intermediate/advanced, 2h, 35/40€ How Does Your Body Sound? Pille Roosi + musician Musicality All levels,2h, 20/27€ Egyptian Traditions Salah Lecture All levels,2h, 20/27€
12:00-12:30 Open Stage (free admission)
12:30-14:30 Lebanese Dance with Cane Ranya Choreography Intermediate/advanced,2h, 35/40€ Juicy Drum Solo Eeben (Sandra Vokk) Choreography Intermediate, 2h, 20/27€ Latin Fusion Iris Choreography All levels,2h, 20/27€
14:30-15:00 Open stage (free admission)
15:00-17:00 Baladi Nesma Technique/musicality All levels,2h, 35/40€ Pop Song Jamila Choreography All levels,2h, 20/27€ Show Choreography with Wings Valentina Choreography Intermediate,2h, 20/27€
19:00 – 21:30 Gala Show, 10/15€
Sunday, 4th November 2018
11:00-13:00 Oum Kalthoum Nesma Musicality/emotions Intermediate/advanced 2 h, 35/40€ Dance with Mileya Ranya Choreogrpahy Beginner/intermediate, 2h, 35/40€
13:00-15:30  Chamber Cinema and discussion  5€ / free admission (to festival workshop participants)


Workshop details


Märi Mägi

Celebrate the Joyfulness of the Fat – What cannot express itself, will be forgotten. Congeal fat is cold, sad and stiff. Fluid fat is the warm energy source, offering the playfulness and party for the whole body. It wraps our organs safe from jolts and pampers the nervous system from burning out, it gives the shine to the skin and softens the footsteps. Right now, in you and me. In the workshop we will explore the different aspects of the fat, discovering its expressiveness and inspiration for movement qualities. Read more.


Neo-Andalusian – Back in its time the Andalusian court was the meeting point of different cultures. Although there is not a lot of information available about what the dances looked like back then, the legendary Mahmoud Reda got inspired by the poetry and the aesthetics of the Andalusian court, and created the Muwashahat style of dance. Nesma, a student of Mahmoud Reda spent a lot of time and effort studying and developing that style. Her Neo-Andalusian style combines Reda’s technique with oriental dance and elements from the Spanish and Egyptian folklore. Baladi – Nesma’s baladi is emotional, fun, powerful and feminine at the same time. The participants of the workshop will learn how to improvise to baladi music and how to make this dance “your own”. Oum Kalhtoum – Oum Kalthoum is an Egyptian singer that every oriental dancer should be familiar with. Her songs are emotional and expressive, both musically as well as poetically. In the workshop Nesma will help the participants to find new ways to understand Oum Kalthoum’s songs and to express this understanding in their dance.


Lebanese Dance with Cane – This dance combines the earthy, folkloric style of dabke with a feminine and upbeat oriental styling. This dance is a must for work with Arab audiences but is a refreshing style for the big festival stage as well. Workshop includes background info on the style, technique and full choreography. Smaller, thinner canes are best for this style, but any cane will do. Dance with Mileya – A stage dance inspired by the streets and shores of the Egyptian city of Alexandria, this style is girly and flirty and was made popular by Mahmoud Reda and his troupe. Workshop includes background info and full choreography. Bring your melaya or a large veil!


Egyptian Traditions This workshop will provide you a wealth of knowledge on specific traditions in Egyptian culture – in dance, music, games and street culture. Some of these traditions have disappeared, but many are fully alive. Most of the workshop will be in the form of a lecture, but you will also get the chance to try some traditional dancing – authentic dance that has not been stylized for stage. This workshop is perfect for teachers and professional dancers who wish to expand their dance knowledge and share it with their students, but also for everyone interested in the rich Egyptian culture.This workshop is based on Salah Rambo’s premaster degree study in the Egyptian Academy of Arts Institute of Folklore (2016-2018).

Pille Roosi

How Does Your Body Sound? – First sound, then movement. First music, then dance … This time we will try the opposite. During the workshop we will listen to our body and find the music in the corresponding movement. The workshop will be done with live music.

Eeben (Sandra Vokk)

Juicy Drum Solo – We will learn a feminine and powerful drum solo which will be highly enjoyable for both the dancer and the audience. Suitable for mid-level dancers, but the choreography can be adjusted to different levels, either easier or more complicated.


Latin (cha-cha-cha) bellydance fusion – Oriental dance elements are intertwined with the movements of Latin-American cha-cha-cha dance. Cha-cha-cha is a 4/4, Cuban-based, smooth and elegant dance style. According to one theory, cha-cha-cha got its name from the sound the dancers’ feet make on the floor while dancing. The dance music taught in the workshop is embroidered with both Arabic dreaming vocals, as well as romantic rhythms / melodies in Latin style. The dancer’s challenge is to use the steps and elements specific to cha-cha-cha in addition to oriental dance moves. (Latin) dance shoes, jazz shoes or slippers are recommended for dancing. If you want, you can wear a Latin style skirt or a hip scarf.


Pop Song only three special heartbeats are needed to recognize your true love. From this moment, the heart changes so that the mind can not overcome it. Come and learn a simple and romantic pop choreography with me to express your delicacy and love. Let this love be dedicated to a special person or to the dance itself.


Show Choreography with Wings – belly dance with Isis wings does not leave anyone cold. If you want the 100% attention of your audience, enchant them with majesty and leave a lasting impression of your performance, this choreography is for you. Bring your own wings, if possible!

Chamber Cinema and Discussion

The first film of the Chamber Cinema series, “Dance of The Outlaws” (80 min) is a documentary about a Moroccan girl who lives on the outskirts of society because other options are not available for her. We are happy and honoured to welcome the director Mohamed El Aboudi to join us for the screening! It will be followed by a general discussion on dance and the Middle-East between the film director and festival teachers. All participants are welcome to join! Read more.