Maris became interested in Oriental dance in 2005 when she started taking her first belly dance classes. In 2012 she started teaching regular classes in Estonia and later workshops in Europe and Egypt where she began her regular performances (belly dance, folklore, international dance) in the summer of 2013 in Sharm el Sheikh with Vanessa Show Productions. In 2016 she was hired as a dancer in Dubai’s famous Bab Al Shams hotel, after which she headed to Cairo where she resides to this day performing in high-end weddings, events, night clubs and Nile cruise boats with her band.

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Mejance – Mejance indicates a piece of music especially created for a dancer to start her show. There are many compositions available but in this class we will learn a choreography on the entrance piece created for Maris by Reda Saad. Traditionally a mejance belongs at the beginning of any bellydance show and it’s a great choice for competitions since the music changes a lot and gives the dancer a chance to show different styles and techniques in a short period of time.

Shimmy technique and combinations – How to make different kinds of shimmies with the same body part? How to add feeling to your shimmies? How to layer them on top of each other and travel around the stage while being in control of your body? How to recognise which shimmy the music is asking for? Why are your shimmies not improving even if you’ve been practising for years? We will answer those questions and many more in this fun but informative shimmy technique class powered by the latest hit songs from Cairo.