Kairi Reinvee

On a day-to-day basis, Kairi Reinvee supervises Oriental dance groups all over Estonia. Kairi has been an Oriental dance guest teacher in Hong Kong in the summer of 2016 and given workshops across Europe (Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland). In 2011/12 she toured Europe with the Amaya Dance Company giving concert performances in metropolitan theaters. Kairi Reinvee is an active solo artist. Plenty of troupe experience and different projects have been provided to her by the Estonian professional dance group Zahira, with whom she started cooperating in 2008. In spring 2015, she graduated from the Tallinn University Institute of Arts specialising in choreography. Kairi is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance.







Luscious Drum Solo – In this workshop you will learn a choreography that will find and bring out the lusciousness of your hips. Through practising different dance styles, Kairi has developed a good sense of her hips, and with time, the ability to think and dance her hips even more lush and exuberant than they really are. No matter how big or small you are, you can be shaped by the power of your thought and technique. The aim of the workshop is to find your self-confidence, power, sexiness through the drum solo and luscious hips.