Kaidi Udris

Kaidi Udris is an adventurous Oriental dance artist with a Bachelor’s degree in choreography from Tallinn University’s Faculty of Choreography. Kaidi is a prestigious teacher in Estonia and has been invited to teach across Europe: Latvia, Finland, Italy, Greece, Israel, Czech Republic. After dancing Oriental dance for 14 years in Europe, she decided to move to Egypt and had a successful dance career for 6 years. She was a respected dancer in Cairo Opera House, in the folklore-inspired contemporary dance company „Forsan El Shark“. Kaidi was a popular dancer in Arab popstars’ music videos and was very sought after for dance productions in the Egyptian TV-ads and TV-series. Kaidi has now returned back home to Estonia.

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Saidi – Grab your saidi-cane and learn a cool and powerful saidi dance! The song is about how brave and famous a saidi man can be. This workshop will be fun and full of plenty of saidi technique. Each participant will receive the song lyrics translation!