Berit Aicha Vill

Berit Aicha Vill is the head of the Müstika Dance Studio and an internationally renowned dance teacher and judge. Berit started studying belly dancing in 2000 and has been dancing for 17 years now, having traveled and worked as a dancer in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany, Greece and Finland. Since 2004, she has been working as a dance teacher, giving regular classes and courses in various Estonian cities and abroad. In addition, Berit has been a judge at several international belly dance festival competitions: Azure and Dum Tek (Latvia), Raks Berlin (Germany), Cairo By Night and To Dance or Not to Dance Live (Greece). In 2018, Berit together with Assala Ibrahim organised the world’s first Iraqi dance festival, Inanna International Iraqi Dance Festival, held in Tallinn. Berit is also a choreographer with long-term experience and instructs the Müstika belly dance show groups with whom she has performed at various festivals, private events and successfully participated in several competitions. The styles Berit teaches and dances are Oriental dance, belly dance, raqs sharqi, classic belly dance, fantasy belly dance, American Tribal Style belly dance, tribal fusion belly dance, experimental styles, Arab folkloric dances, Turkish Romani dance.




Raqs al Kawliya – or Kawleeya is one of the oldest dances in Iraq. This workshop focuses on communication between women and the women’s circle. The workshop begins with a small lecture on the history of kawliya dance, then we learn the technique: core steps, shimmies, hip technique, turns, floorwork, head spins and hair work. We will also look at how the Iraqi dance has evolved through European and Russian influences, and what the differences are between modern and traditional kawliya dance. Berit Aicha Vill first came into contact with kawliya dance in 2007, and since then she has improved her knowledge by reading, observing and studying under various Iraqi dance teachers such as Assala Ibrahim (Iraq), Mohaned Hawaz (Iraq) and Irina Belopolskaya (Russia). Müstika Dance Studio won 1st prize with Berit’s Kawliya choreography at the group category competition of the International Oriental Dance Festival in 2012 in Tallinn. In 2018, Berit, together with Assala Ibrahim, organised the world’s first Iraqi dance festival, Inanna International Iraqi Dance Festival in Tallinn, Estonia.